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A part of Hexatronic Group

Hexatronic is a technology group which specializes in fiber communications. We supply fiber optic products and solutions and provide a complete range of passive infrastructure for telecom companies. The Group consists of 16 companies with a total of 540 employees. The Group’s headquarters are in Gothenburg.

Offering – A comprehensive range of passive infrastructure for fiber networks.

Hexatronic offers a unique range of passive infrastructure to telecom companies. We develop and manufacture our own products and services, as well as sell and manufacture solutions based on products from leading manufacturers worldwide.

We own our own production chain, which enables us to respond quickly to unique customer requests. With innovation, great technical knowledge, a high level of service and complete commitments, we work every day to improve the offering we have for our customers.

We have the people, the knowledge and the solutions to secure the future’s broadband needs.

Our customers are companies and public administrations within the telecom industry, such as telecom companies, communications and telecom operators and network owners.

We primarily sell our products in Scandinavia but through our international customers and networks we reach markets in most of the world.

The group today consists of independent and entrepreneurial companies that strive to be market leaders in their respective niches. The Group supports and directs the companies through a Group-wide governance and finance system. The companies in the Group are jointly developed through collaboration on market terms between the sister companies. We combine a big company’s stability and resources with a small company’s flexibility and speed.

We develop the business to provide more of our own products and complete system deliveries within a number of years. This will provide higher margins and longer customer agreements.

Growth is necessary to attract the best people. Our Group’s growth comes from organic growth and partly from acquisitions. Organic growth is achieved by continuously developing the respective companies’ offer through a wider range of products and more value-added services such as service, aftermarket sales, support, education and finance solutions.

In addition, Hexatronic will grow continuously through acquisitions. Acquisitions can be both acquisitions to existing companies and brand new business areas. We do not sell companies and we want to be the best buyer for entrepreneurial companies.

The Future
The market for fiber optic / broadband products is and will remain a growth market for many years to come. The ever increasing need for broadband for communications solutions will drive the underlying market for the foreseeable future. The expansion of 4G networks provides additional market growth over the next few years, while FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) equipment and other broadband solutions continues to increase.

Find further information about Hexatronic Group: www.hexatronicgroup.com